About Us


Designed By Teachers is a collaborative online forum that allows Teachers (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary) to share, buy and sell educational resources – 90% are digital items (downloadable instantly) and 10% are physical goods (sent via post).To ensure your experience on DBT is optimal, we highly recommend your use Google Chrome as our internet browser.Take a quick trip around DBT via this short film (this is our old site... new site video coming soon)!


Designed By Teachers was founded in 2015 by a group of Australia Teachers based in QLD & NSW who wanted to create an open platform where all Australian Teachers could share their resources and build an extensive network that would benefit each and every Australian Professional Educator.

We believe Teachers are the most valuable asset to education and by creating this website, we hope to empower our Educators by not only providing access to innovative resources that keep up with current curriculum and national frameworks, but allow Teachers to source inspiration and leadership from each other, regardless of location.

Those who purchase from DBT are investing directly back into Australian Teachers with over 80% of payments going directly to Australian Teachers and 100% of profit going back into teacher projects and PD.


As Teachers ourselves, we are extremely aware of the time and cost in creating resources, as well as the skills needed to be knowledgable across a vast selection of subject areas, not to mention teaching techniques and learning spectrum.

By creating an online open forum for teacher to network, we provide a platform for teachers to access vital experts and leading educators in the field of education, therefore access innovative resources to create vibrant learning environments and support their students effectively.

Designed By Teachers was created to celebrate the expertise and strengths of our educators in an open public forum for individuals to access at their convenience and regardless of location.

Financially the platform is set up for teachers to invest directly into each other and collaboratively we create an inspirational support network that rewards our own hard work and expertise!

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