'ALL AUSTRALIAN' ~ 5 Curriculum Songs & Lesson Materials

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Children Learn What They Sing™ Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs: Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas....

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Children Learn What They Sing™

Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs: Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas.

‘ALL AUSTRALIAN’ is a package of 5, Australian-specific curriculum-aligned songs for various grades.

The content covers Australia, the Gold Rush, key people and events leading up to Australian Democracy, the government’s 9 values for Australian schools, and the Australian version of our song, ‘Healthy Kids’.


• Mp3 Vocal Tracks

• Mp3 Backing Track (Living Values)

• PDF Lyrics

• PDF Learning & Values Outcomes

• PDF Suggested Activities

• PDF Assembly & Performance Pieces

• Music Scores

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‘AUSTRALIA’ (Middle/Upper Primary), is an information-laden, curriculum song that discusses such things as states, capital cities, seas, islands, rivers, significant places, sites & environments, Aboriginal place names, etc. *View student assembly performance video.
*Pinterest Board: ‘Australia' (Free lesson plans, worksheets, posters, etc.)

'AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY' (Upper Primary) helps students to understand the meaning of democracy and to develop an appreciation for those who fought for rights and freedoms we enjoy today.
*Pinterest Board: ‘Australian Democracy’ (Free lesson plans, worksheets, posters, etc.)

'GOLD FEVER' (Upper Primary) helps students to learn some of the key dates, events, and figures associated with the discovery of gold in Australia. It discusses some of the hardships and frustrations experienced by gold diggers and their families, that resulted in the famous Eureka Stockade.
*Pinterest Board: ‘Gold Fever!’ (Free lesson plans, worksheets, posters, etc.)

'LIVING VALUES' (K-12) (**Australian Lyrics version) is a whole school, anthem-style song that highlights nine core values:

• Care & Compassion

• Doing Your Best

• Responsibility

• Freedom

• Integrity

• Respect

• Fairness

• Honesty & Trustworthiness

• Understanding, Tolerance & Inclusion
(The Government's Nine Values for Australian Schooling)

*Sing To Learn: Blog Post ~ 'Living Values'

*Pinterest Board: 'Living Values' (Free lesson plans, worksheets, posters, etc.)

'HEALTHY KIDS' (K-6) is a content-laden song celebrating good nutrition, exercise and healthy living. It helps students to recognize the relationship between food & lifestyle choices and performance & wellbeing. *Tip: Sing and discuss Chorus only, with younger grades, and introduce verses with older grades...

*Sing To Learn: Blog Post: 'Healthy Kids'

*Pinterest Board: 'Healthy Kids' (Free lesson plans, worksheets, posters, etc.)

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