Code Of Ethics

Code of Ethics: A Code of Conduct for Users of Designed by Teachers

At Designed by Teachers, we believe in encouraging collaboration and inspiration through working with other teachers. Together, we can inspire and motivate each other as education professionals. Although we encourage collaboration, we ask that you respect the intellectual property rights of other designers.

Updated 20th March 2017

As a user of, you agree to the following code of conduct:

(i) Designers/sellers are responsible for all conduct, content, materials, and information uploaded to Designed by Teachers under their username.

(ii) All work submitted to Designed by Teachers must be your own original work. When you (designer or seller) submit content to Designed by Teachers, you agree that you have all rights and licenses necessary to publish, display, and use such content.

(iii) Respect the work of others. As a designer/seller, you guarantee that your content will not infringe on or violate any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights of any other member or third party.

(iv) As a designer/seller, you retain ownership of intellectual property and copyrights to your products posted on and by publishing your resources, you are confirming this is your own work, not owned by someone else. You also agree to make this product available to buyers for at least 120 days from date of purchase.

(v) When Designers /Sellers upload your resources, you are granting Designed by Teachers the license to use your product for the sole purpose of making these resources available to other users on the website for them to purchase.

(vi) Sellers/Buyers agree to be respectful and supportive of the DBT community at all times. Any negative feedback needs to be emailed to our support team at

(vii) All sellers/Buyers are to direct their issues and/or customer feedback and complaints to and send their requests or queries to the support team.

(viii) At Designed by Teachers, we will investigate any claims of copied work and those items will be examined for copyright infringement. Any materials found to be in violation of this code of conduct will be removed from the site. We also reserve the right to investigate your account with the intent to search your download or purchase history. If you are found to violate a Trade Mark, author's copyright etc, etc the details of said infraction will be handed to the IP owners for then to decide of due course of action be it fines or legal action

Any Designer/Seller who feels their work has been copied should report this information to us by email at

We are working hard to build a professional and loyal community of educators that protect, support and guard each other’s work in the world of digital resources.

United we can lead Australian Teachers into a new culture of DIGITAL RESOURCES.

Let’s get inspired while respecting the work of other users!

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