Collaborative Teachers Project 2017


What's our vision ?

To work collaboratively to create a future focussed platform where Australian Teachers can share their expertise and resources which provides unlimited mentoring & inspiration to other Educators, at anytime.

The online platform will allow Australian Educators to access an innovative resource network when ever they require support or leadership.


Because Teachers are the most valuable asset in Education and together we can create a HUGE support network and empower each other!

How ?

If each educator shared one resource, collaboratively we create a resource network showcasing thousands of teaching & learning items.

View the 5000+ resources your colleagues have created since we opened on 16 July 2015....

Your Personal Recognition & Benefits

The benefit each teachers receives is access to other teacher's expertise and products for your classroom or learning centre, when you require leadership or inspiration as an Educator.

Each contributor is recognised by listing their name of the item they create. We will also be recognising Teachers contributions on social media, however you can also remain anonymous. We are encouraging each Teacher to be proud of their contribution and celebrate their own achievements.

All contributors receive Professional Development credit of up to 6 hours and a certificate of participation for their portfolio aligned with National Standards 3.4 & 7.4

Cost $20.00 (currently 30% off)

This small one time fee will cover all costs for hosting and storing the product that each teacher contributes & the certificate issued to each participant. This fee will enable the item to be hosted for the life of the site and provide inspiration to other educators.

Be part of a truly rewarding educational initiative where your contribution will benefit thousands of Teachers for years to come! Click on the link below to join this project.


Can I complete this project on my own, or with a colleague?

You can complete this project with a colleague. The certificate issued for participating in this project will be issued to the name listed when registering, so make sure you put both names.

Why does it cost ?

The small fee covers all costs involved for one teacher to participate in this community project including, the certificate of participation as well as the online hosting and storage of the resource for years to come.

I have no knowledge or experience with Online Resources…

We have put together this project kit to help you with completing all components of the project which includes our video tutorials on Youtube.

Where can I get assistance if I need help ?

We have an excellent support system in place. Go to the website and in the horizontal menu, please select ‘Help & Support’ to view all the available options to get assistance. You can also go to the site’s footer for assistance & we will get back to you within 48 hours. We also have specialised assistance set up for those participating in the project which is listed in your project pack.

Is there a deadline for completing this project ?

Not at this stage. Each individual can complete this project at their own pace. This is an ongoing educational community project.

How and when do I receive my PD certificate?

Once you have finished the tasks, you are provided with a link where you confirm your participation. You receive your certificate via email within 14 working days of verification.

Can I contribute more than one product ?

Yes you can. The project only provides professional development credit for sharing one product, but the more products each teacher shares, the large network available to the educational community.


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