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This Mega phonics resource kit contains everything you will need to teach letter recognition, letter sounds and written formation to your children. Its bright and colourful design makes teaching letters and sounds to your children fun and can be used both as a display and as a teaching aid in your daily phonics routines.


Beautifully designed Curriculum Planning Documents with:

* Links to Curriculum

* Webbing Templates

* Learning Story Templates

All Linked to the EYLF

and Theorists!


This set of 5 EYLF posters have been beautifully designed to be both practical and decorative.

The pack contains a poster for each of the 5 EYLF Outcomes and all include outcome links, activities and links to theorists!

They are perfect for wall displays, information packs for parents and in portfolios.


This fantastic pack is the perfect 'go-to' resource for all of your environment, nature play and sustainability planning and documenting needs.

The pack includes A3 planning templates using EYLF Outcomes, links to curriculum posters, benefits of outdoor and nature play and so much more..


This beautifully designed pack includes fun and engaging activities and resources to help you teach your children all about animal and plant life cycles. The pack includes life-cycle posters, word mates, cut and paste activities and editable EYLF learning story templates for the following:

Butterfly, chicken, ant, bee, sea turtle, plant, dung beetle, frog, spider and sunflower.


This Superhero Resource pack contains many valuable planning documents, classroom decor,

posters, displays, activities, reward systems and confidence building activities, all relating to the EYLF.

Celebrate and raise awareness for childhood cancer research using this great 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' EYLF resource. It contains planning documents, curriculum links, learning story templates, activities, talk like a pirate cards, talking pirate pictures, posters, colouring pages, activities...


This beautifully designed, engaging and informative pack includes everything you will need to document the early literacy skills of your children using familiar stories.
The resource pack, contains:
Curriculum Documents - Including a cross curricular planning document, the benefits of learning familiar stories poster, curriculum links and learning story templates.

Posters, colouring pages, cut outs, sequencing activities and so much more!


This Spooky EYLF Halloween Pack contains curriculum documents, an editable learning story template, colouring pages, story cut outs, puppets, page toppers and drawing pages.

07/09/2015, 07/09/2015
This set of 5 QKLG posters are beautiful to display on walls, in portfolios and in programs. They contain the learning areas, activities and links to relevant theorists.

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Pre Prep, Foundation, Prep, Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, 26/10/2016, 26/10/2016

This beautifully designed Christmas Binder is the only resource you will need to celebrate Christmas in your early education environment. The Binder includes over 150 pages of fun Christmas activities, songs and printables and most documents come in both colour and black and white formats for easy printing.


This beautifully designed, informative EYLF resource contains 6 beautiful posters, one for each type of play (Unoccupied, Independent, Onlooker, Parallel, Associative and Cooperative). Each poster contains information on what the type of play is, the expected age, the positives of the particular type of play, the theorist link, the link to EYTLF Outcomes and then the expected next stage of play development.

The pack also contains a beautiful poster displaying the six types of play.

The pack also includes 6 editable learning story templates, one for each type of play. They are linked to EYLF Outcomes and Theorists and can of course be edited to suit your needs.It is perfect for parents, to display in programming rooms, on walls, in portfolios and suitable for each room in your early childhood setting.

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This beautifully designed poster pack includes 36 colourful posters containing all of the benefits of 18 different types of play with links to relevant theorists..

They are perfect for displaying on walls, in portfolios or adding to learning stories. They also make a great resource to help to communicate all of the values and benefits of play to the parents of the children in your care.


Online Printable Download:

This amazing, value for money children's portfolio printable pack contains valuable documents aimed at setting up beautiful, informative portfolios for your children in the early education setting.

"A portfolio is a celebration of the learning that has taken place throughout the year at your child's Day Care Centre. It shows the progression of skills and learning that has taken place and allows you to have a record of the efforts and achievements that your child has made within each learning outcome area."

Included in this pack:

Many different styles of cover pages

What is a portfolio? - Information page for parents, fantastic for glueing on the beginning pages of the portfolio

This is Me information template (Boy and girl design)

Dr Suess Theme Self Portrait page (First day drawing)

Art Sample Page

Recording Individual Learning Pages

EYLF Outcome Tracker

18 Editable Learning Through Play Learning Story Templates

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Online Printable Download: This fantastic teacher planner is all you will need to plan, document, reflect and keep track of all of children and learning taking place in your early childhood setting. The planner is specifically designed for early childhood educators with all pages...

Online Printable Download: This set of 5 beautifully designed, informative posters contains all five QKLG Learning Development Areas, Activities as well as relevant Theorist Links! They look beautiful displayed on walls, in programming rooms and even in children's portfolios. All designed...

Promote kindness in your classroom by starting the day using this greeting chart! In this version the children can choose which action they would like to use to greet the teacher or peer and have the option to use a non-physical like a dance if they don't feel comfortable making contact with the...


This fantastic teacher planner is all you will need to plan, document, reflect and keep track of all of children and learning taking place in your early childhood setting. This teacher planner was specifically designed to suit the pre-prep, kindergarten grade, using the QKLG. It has been designed using the new modified QKLG documents for 2019.


This beautiful display pack contains information regarding the EYLF, Belonging, Being and Becoming.

The posters are perfect to display on walls, in portfolios and on parent information displays.

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The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) reminds us (p. 17) that: Assessment for children’s learning ... is part of an ongoing cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning.

This very comprehensive assessment pack contains all you need to assess children's literacy learning.

It has been created in collaboration with Australian prep teachers and uses the Australian National Curriculum.

The resource features all 8 areas of literacy development as well as documentation and resources for collecting evidence in each area.

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