Teacher's Recommendations

This beautifully designed yoga resource pack includes everything you will need to teach and document yoga in your early education setting.

The pack includes:

12 Easy to use children's yoga position cards

A3 poster containing all yoga positions

Yoga learning story template with links to outcomes and theorists and a photo template page

'The Benefits of Yoga' informative display poster



This EYLF resource pack was specifically designed to help you to celebrate your children's milestones, no matter what age or stage of development. The Pack includes display pages including the type of milestone, cognitive, physical, emotional, language and social, EYLF outcomes and Theorist links. The pages also contain a section to add comments and a place to add photographs.

The display pages would look great in children's portfolios, as a celebration to send home with parents or to display on walls.


This value for money pack includes all of our EYLF Australian animal display resources.

Included in the pack:

EYLF Outcome posters

ETLF Outcome Theorist Posters

EYLF Programming Poster

Birthday Chart Display Pack

Belonging, Being Becoming Display Pack

QKLG Learning Area Posters


This beautifully designed A3 poster gives you a quick glimpse at all of the elements of the EYLF needed to program and document learning.


This beautifully designed poster set contains all 5 outcomes with possible ideas to link experiences to theorists under each outcome. They would look beautiful displayed in portfolios, planning rooms, on parent information boards or room walls.


This beautiful, high quality 'My Time, Our Place' product is perfect to display on walls, in planning rooms and in portfolios. It contains 5 posters containing all 5 MTOP

This beautiful, high quality EYLF product is perfect to display on walls, in planning rooms and in portfolios. It contains 5 posters containing all 5 EYLF Outcomes.


This beautiful, high quality QKLG product is perfect to display on walls, in planning rooms and in portfolios. It contains all 5 posters containing all 5 Learning Areas with a key focus and EYLF link.


Online Digital Product

Creating engaging play spaces is one of the most important jobs of an early childhood educator. It is our role to create spaces that engage, stimulate and challenge our children so that they are free to learn, grow, explore, build abilities and ignite a love of learning.

This resource is designed to help you to create these spaces in your early childhood setting, giving you posters, learning story templates and ideas to set up and document the learning in each space.

The resource includes posters, intentional teaching opportunities in each play space, editable learning story templates with links to outcomes and theorists and ideas of what you cold add to each play space to make it engaging for your children.


World Space Week is held from the 4th to the 10th of October each year, with this years theme being, 'Satellites Improve Life'.

"World Space Week is the largest space event in the world and an ideal time for teachers and educators to use space-based activities to excite students about science and technology."

This EYLF resource was designed to help you to celebrate World Space Week with your children and is filled with fun activities, coloring pages, learning story templates with links to outcomes and theorists s well as posters and curriculum documents.


This Beautifully presented set of over 30 special events templates will save you hours of time throughout the year by having all of your learning stories already created for those special events that come up each month.

All of the templates are linked to relevant outcomes and theorist and are fully editable.

Included in the set are the following events, ordered by month:

Surf Lifesaving Awareness, Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Valentines Day, Kindness Day, Favourite Colour Dress Up Day, Easter, Harmony Day, Epilepsy Awareness Day, World Autism Awareness Day, Teddy Bears Picnic, Super Hero Day, ANZAC Day, Starlight Day, Mothers Day, world Environment Day, Red Nose Day, NAIDOC Week, Diabetes Awareness Day, Pyjama Day, Jeans for Genes Day, Fathers Day, Fairy tale Dress Up Day, Day for Daniel, Halloween, Sunnies for Sight Day, World Kindness Day, Universal Kindness Day, Christmas…

$5.40 $9.00  

This product was designed to help you to celebrate and explore National Science Week - Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans.

It contains curriculum links, benefits of science and STEM exploration, posters, colouring pages, activities and so much more!


Instant Digital Download

We have designed this amazing EYLF resource to help you to celebrate Easter, document learning, inspire educators and engage children with fun, hands on learning experiences.

"Celebrations can be used to bring people together, to create a feeling of belonging and to develop a sense of community amongst families, educators and children."


Online Printable Download:

This fantastic fully editable resource highlights the valuable benefits play can bring to the learning and development of your kindergarten children.

The pack contains 19 different types of play, the benefits of each type of play, a space for a story or explanation, a space for photographs, links to QKLG Learning Areas


Online Printable Download:

The amazing pack includes decorative and informative posters relating to Chinese New Year 2021 as well as embedding Chinese culture into your setting resources. It contains beautifully designed curriculum links, programming tools, room labels, photographs and activities.


This beautifully designed, upgraded, FULLY EDITABLE EYLF Teaching and Learning Binder contains everything you will need to document the teaching and learning experiences in your early education setting.


This fun, engaging resource pack includes everything you will need to celebrate Halloween in your early years setting.

The pack includes curriculum links, posters, Learning story templates, activities and colouring in pages.


This Dinosaurs pack is packed full fun, colourful resources designed to help you document the learning of this interest area as well as providing fun, engaging experiences for your children.

The resource includes links to the EYLF curriculum, learning story templates with links to theorists and outcomes, a cross curricular unit, colourful posters, puppets, cutting, colou

$12.00 $16.00  

This comprehensive numeracy EYLF resource was specifically designed to engage and entice your children to learn and get excited about number sense, number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, counting, shapes and colours.


Talk Like a Pirate Day is such an important event created to raise vital funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. This EYLF resource pack was designed to help you to celebrate, raise awareness and vital funds within your centre while helping you to document the event. It also contains fun activities, posters, an editable learning template, curriculum links and so much more!


This amazing EYLF resource was created to help you celebrate and document National Science Week 2019 - Destination Moon.

It contains decorative posters containing curriculum links, the benefits of science exploration and play, learning story templates with links to outcomes and theorists, information posters of the solar system and the phases of the moon, activities and colouring pages.