Easter Colour By Sound

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Easter Colour By Sound

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Have fun practicing consolidating and extending your students phonics and word family knowledge.

This resource has 6 colouring sheets each with a different picture and includes digraphs, diphthongs, word families, double consonants and silent e.

Colour By Sound Sheet 1 - ch, ck, th, wh, qu, sh
Colour By Sound Sheet 2 - all, -ng, or, ea, oo
Colour By Sound Sheet 3 - ee, ir, ay, ch, ai, ar
Colour By Sound Sheet 4 - -at, -og, -am, -in, -op, -it
Colour By Sound Sheet 5 - ee, oo, i_u, a_e, o_e, u_e
Colour By Sound Sheet 6 - ss, zz, ff, ll, pp, rr, dd

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Choose the sheets that suit each student / small group or whole class!

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