Fine Motor Activity Kits Mega Pack

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Create 36 hands on, engaging fine motor kits perfect for morning work, fast finishers, intervention, rotations or take-home packs

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Have you always wanted amazing fine motor activities to use in your classroom but didn't know where to start? This product is designed for you to create 36 awesome fine motor kits to use for morning work, rotations, free choice or support at home. Once prepped, these are simple to put out for the children to work on independently. There are plenty of activities to give you choice to use throughout the year & increase the difficulty as needed. They are hands-on, engaging and cater for different learning types!

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Absolutely perfect for junior years classroom when fine motor development is so important. These would also work well for older students for play based strengthening of the muscles… older students love coming to my class to play with these with my kids! When setting these up in my classroom I asked for donations of the equipment needed (I have included an editable letter for you to send home), I bought a heap of plastic containers & document wallets and then printed the task cards and put them on as instruction cards. I made multiple kits of each activity to allow the children choice and then had some to send home with children who needed extra support (I have included an editable letter & sign out sheet if you wish to do this.. see collage below). Even if you don’t want to ask for donations or know that this will take a little while to set up, you can use this product straight away with the 100+ printables that are included (see collage below)!

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These may take some time at the beginning to set up all the kits but once done they will last. Mine are still going strong after 3 years being used every day! (a few little bits replaced or fixed but nothing major) This pack contains

* 36 task/activity cards to create your kits

* Equipment list, explanation & picture example to create each kit

* Over 100 printables including:

- Letter Formation printables in all state fonts (arrowed to show direction and line order), sassoon and primary print

- Number Formation 0-20 printables in all state fonts (arrowed to show direction and line order), sassoon and primary print

-15 pages of mazes

-15 pages of cutting practice pictures

-10 pages of tracing

-15 pages of circle pictures to use with stickers or bingo daubers

-16 pages of dot to dot

-25 pages of colouring sheets

-10 pages of play dough mats (colour)

* Editable parent letter to ask for donation of equipment to put the kits together

* Editable letter to send home & sign out sheet if you wish to use these kits for extra support at home

* Choice Board cards, title & explanation for use – excellent for morning work or use during free choice time

Some of the activities that are included in this pack

-dot to dot




-tennis ball monsters

-birds eating worms

-the nuts and bolts of it

-under lock and key

-tricky tweezers

-over and under

-paper clip chains

-pegs on the line

-spray painting

-target practice AND MANY MORE!

Your children will absolutely LOVE these kits and will be begging to do their “finger exercises”! This is also a fantastic way to show parents and caregivers the simple activities that they can do at home with household items to assist their child with strengthening of muscles. Would also work well in a Special Education Setting.

If you are looking for some other fantastic hands-on learning ideas, check out the Word Work Activity Pack in my store

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Thank you thank you! Highly recommend this kit. I just had to print and gather items and my kids love this! Thanks
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