Like most Physical Education teachers I am a sports tragic who enjoys watching anything to do with sport and have played a range of sports over the years. I am very passionate about educating young people about health and physical education so that they may be informed and empowered to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing.


I have been teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education for the past 19 years in Australian High Schools. I have taught across each of the stages (4, 5 and 6) of the NSW PDHPE syllabus.


I like to encourage my students to learn through doing and by working in collaboration with other students so that they can become self-directed learners. I try to implement learning activities that are engaging and student centred, providing students with greater opportunities for choice about how they learn and to make decisions about their learning. Using a variety of teaching and learning strategies is important to my philosophy of teaching, as is encouraging students to reflect on their own work and that of others. I have a real interest in ICT in education and how technology can be used to enhance student learning.


Bachelor of Education (PDHPE), Masters of Education (Health and Physical Ed) and Graduate Certificate in ICT Education.