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My Personal Quote: Practising the skills you learn should always be FUN!My Experience: I am a great believer that all learning should inspire us to build on what we already know and be something that creates a desire for life long challenges. I have 33 years’ experience as a classroom and specialist teacher (R-12). I am passionate about young people’s learning and as a result I have decided to create teaching resources for the over worked and time poor teacher. My resources are designed to download, print and use for students who are either developing the foundation skills in literacy or those who are experiencing difficulty and need some extra activities to assist in filling the gaps in their learning.My Teaching Style: I believe when students are enjoying what they are doing they have a better chance of learning and developing new concepts. I therefore provide many activities that are available for self assessment - ('How did I go today?' type). This consolidates and lets them their practise skills. Through this approach the student learns to form displays. These activities also then can transcend into parent sharing items. Often students from different backgrounds, or who are experiencing delays or difficulties with their learning are left with uninteresting activities to repeat time after time. I strive to provide activities that support a differentiated curriculum and allow these students to access and practice concepts when they are ready.Honors/Awards: Masters of Education - Literacy and Literate Worlds, Diploma of Teaching - Primary, Accredited Accelerated LiteracyMy Own Education History: I started school in 1967 - in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. From my first day, when we were given plasticine to make farm animals, I developed a love for knowledge and it's creative application. - The very first thing I said the my mother when I came home that day was - "I'm Going To Be Teacher" and that's what I did. I attended a local public High School, moving to the South Australian College of Advanced Education in 1979 to study Primary Teaching. With Diploma in hand I headed out for many years as a teacher in Rural South Australia - Teaching from Reception to Year 12 and Special Education - updating my skills and training as I went. Returning to Adelaide I took up a secondment position to work within the Drug and Alcohol services field as an education officer and policy advisor to the South Australian Government. I returned to the classroom in 2001, to my first love, Junior Primary teaching and Special Education.Why I'm Doing This: Due to a near fatal car accident I can no longer physically teach and have been forced to retire early. This is my way of passing on my ideas from the over stuffed filing cabinet in my head to you - in the hope that some of them will help your students achieve their full potential.


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