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Theses printable, re-useable cards are a great independent activity for Maths Centres. This set involves missing numbers in counting patterns by ten.

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These printable Math Centre activity cards involve counting numbers by 10s. Filling in missing number patterns, in both ascending and descending order.

Students need to count forwards and backwards, and they need to become familiar with the missing number being in different positions in the pattern.
I think this prepares students for more difficult number pattern work, because it encourages them to think.

This set has 54 activity cards with paw print images.
Print, laminate ready to go!

This is an extension of my other counting cards sets, because now the activity demands that students fill in larger missing numbers.
54 squares (approx 8.5 cm square) with a simple number pattern at the top, and a choice of 3 numbers underneath.
I also use as a whole sheet activity, and ask children to circle or mark the correct answer.
I usually cut and laminate the squares.
The task could be to clip a peg on the correct numeral; but you could also mark with counters, etc.

There are similar sets counting by other numbers.

I have this sets and the others as a money saving BUNDLE!

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Number Patterns count by tens Paw prints
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