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Hi there and welcome to my store!

Here, you will find lots of teaching resources, activities and lesson ideas for you to use in your classroom or home educational setting. These resources have been designed and created by myself, after years of experience in an Early Years classroom. Everything that is in my store has been created with YOU in mind - The busy teacher looking for teaching and learning resources that are curriculum based, engaging, colourful, differentiated, original and reliable!

The units of work I have created come from first hand experience and are curriculum based. Some of my resources come with step-by-step lesson plans and teacher notes for you to follow. In my store you will also find classroom decor resources to make your room look colourful and visually stimulating for you students.

In the past 3 years that I have been creating and selling my teaching resources I have received some wonderful feedback from teachers all over the world! I would love to hear your feedback too! I also take requests - so if there is something you require or would like changed, please let me know and I will try to accommodate. Many of my resources are available in the various STATE FONTS and I am happy to alter them to your desired font if necessary. For feedback and requests, you can contact me at .

Thank you for visiting Miss Jacobs Little Learners.

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