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Read our blog articles? Why not record your time for PD?

Purchase our PD Blog Kit for 2017 to record all your hours against the AITSL standards for Teacher Registration - includes Certificate to use for ALL BLOG ARTICLES published (growing daily)


Read 'Description' for full details of this product..

DESIGNED BY TEACHERS proudly provides self directed Professional Development (free workshops and blog articles) along with PD Kits that include certificates, reflection logs and more..... for the cost of a cuppa coffee?

WHY? Because @ DBT we think Teachers know Teachers and who better to share, teach and inspire each other... than teachers???


This Professional Development Kit is for teachers wanting to record their self directed PD with a certificate and reflection record so it can count towards the required PD hours for AITSL teaching standards and state departments.

The Kit includes:

  • Unlimited Use of the Certificate for 2017 that can be used for any blog article on our site (these are growing weekly)
  • Use of the 2017 Certificate for as many hours or reading as you need for your self directed PD
  • Work booklet that records your reflection component - records up to 2 hours (depending on which components you complete)
  • Terms and Conditions for use of the Kit

This kit can be used for the entire year for as many blog articles as you want (currently 2017) and you are responsible for completing the tasks to be able to register your PD time. So your PD hours is unlimited with this certificate.

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