Reading Centre Phonics Activity Cards BUNDLE Identifying CVC sounds INITIAL, MIDDLE and FINAL

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Re-useable phonics activity cards: identify the INITIAL, MIDDLE VOWEL and FINAL single sounds in CVC words using picture clues.

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This is a money-saving bundle of three sets of reusable activities dealing with INITIAL,MIDDLE single VOWEL and FINAL single sounds to use as an independent activity in your literacy centres.
In each set, there are 7 pages, comprising 41 individual activity cards, plus a cover card.
Once printed, cut and laminated I connect them together with a bookring. This gives opportunity for working with individual students who flick through and point out the required sound.
It also allows me to select certain sounds for a group of children and they can mark with counters, pegs, markers etc as a literacy group activity.
I also print the whole pages and laminate. This is also used as a group activity or is useful to incorporate into assessment tasks.

I use the 3 sets, I can put together a group of cards to target the needs of any individual student. I've used a different frame to distinguish the sets, but I usually print the black ink files on coloured paper to make it easier, and more attractive.

I have these sets for individual sale, if you don't want the lot. However, of course you save money with bundles!

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