Reading Responses for Making Connection with Books Independent Activities for Literacy Centres Grades 3-6

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This is a set of 50 different responses that students can use to follow-up texts they have read. Heaps of choice! Focus on comprehension skills and making connections.

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This is a set of 50 different PRINT and GO worksheets for students to use to respond to texts.
These are ideal for improving reading comprehension during literacy groups activity centres.

I think it is vitally important that students engage with reading material, in a meaningful and with a purpose. These sheets offer students opportunity and incentive to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and justifications about what they had read.

They ask students to make connections, use their comprehension skills and think deeply.

The sheets are general, and can be used with most books. Most of the sheets work with fictional texts, but a few are for non-fictional texts.

I think students from Yr 3-6 can use these sheets, less-experienced children may need a little more support. Some responses are fairly simple, whilst other require much thought, opinion and justification.

These sheets make great activities for reading literacy centres.

My favourite way to use has been to complete an example of all sheets, as a model and level of expectation. Then I display the finished model along with spare sheets. Students can choose which worksheet they think suits their book and use for their response. If you don’t have time to complete the model yourself, collect samples from students work.

Of course, this variety gives teachers and students many choices. I’d advise a choice of one or two responses for each text

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