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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs: Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas. ******************************************************************************* Children Learn What...

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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs:
Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas.
Children Learn What They Sing™

Our original, curriculum-based songs not only motivate and engage students, they support classroom learning, making them a perfect medium for:

Introducing new units of work

Kick starting discussion

Summarising & reinforcing content

Aiding recall of important information

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‘RING! WRING!’ (Middle/Upper Primary) is a curriculum-based song about technology. It not only explores the ways in which machines (with emphasis on the phone) benefit our lives, it also discusses some of the social and environmental consequences.

This song-based package download contains materials that integrate learning across key areas of school curriculum.


• Mp3 Vocal Track

• PDF Lyrics

• PDF Learning & Values Outcomes; Suggested Activities; Assembly & Performance Piece


Intro (spoken)

Life used to be more simple, you will hear some people say,
Until telephones, and cars, and computers came our way;
But then, love it or hate it, at the end of the day,
The fact is that technology is here with us to stay!

Verse 1

Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone,

And ever since then, we are never alone.

We’re texting night and day and talking out loud,

We’re being drowned out by the noise of the crowd!

Our phones always ringing, in homes and on streets;

Mr Bell would be wringing his hands, in defeat!


But where would we be without technology?
Where oh where would we be without technology?

©Lyrics: Nuala O'Hanlon, B.Ed; Cert Teaching
Music: Kathryn Radloff, B.A. (Hons) Psych.

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