SING TO LEARN! ~ 13 Curriculum Songs & Lyric Sheet

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Children Learn What They Sing

SING TO LEARN! (Pre K-3) is a downloadable, MP3 compilation of 13, specially selected curriculum-aligned songs, from our primary school books/Cds. The all-original, teacher-created songs target learning sequences of curriculum documents, and integrate learning across key subject areas. They provide an excellent platform for learning and reinforcing curriculum themes and concepts for lower primary. There's 'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®
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 *(See Testimonials, below.)

THEMES INCLUDE: *Family *Friendship *Care for Self and Others *Gratitude *Environmental Awareness *Meeting Needs *Growth and Change *Health, Safety and Happiness *Rules and Responsibilities *Interdependence *Multiculturalism *School and Community Roles *Goods and Services *Cycles In Our World *Doing Your Best...

DOWNLOAD INCLUDES 13 songs & lyric sheet.


‘PUT A SMILE ON YOUR DIAL’ ~ Helps children to understand ways in which they can contribute to a happy atmosphere. *Listen to song sample (Track 1)

‘OUR CLASS RULES ~ OK!’ ~ Teaches consideration for the safety and happiness of others. *Listen to song sample (Track 2)

‘WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?’~ Helps children to make the connection between people’s needs for everyday products and those who meet them. *Listen to song sample (Track 3)

‘SUMMER SUNDAY’ ~ Highlights sun and beach safety, as well as ways in which we use and enjoy natural environments. *Listen to song sample (Track 4)

‘OUR SCHOOL’ ~ Helps children to understand ways in which they can help to make school happy, healthy, fair and safe. *Listen to song sample (Track 5)

‘KEEP IT CLEAN!’ ~ Selected for publication in the ABC's 2010 SING! publication, this environmental rap song teaches ways to clean up and care for the environment, with emphasis on reusing, reducing and recycling. 
*View student assembly video.
*Listen to song sample (Track 6)

‘IMAGINATION’ ~ Encourages resourcefulness and creativity through use of the imagination. *Listen to song sample (Track 7)

‘ALL WEATHER FRIENDS’ ~ Teaches children the value, meaning and importance of friendship. 
*View student assembly video.

*Listen to song sample (Track 8)

‘COME TO YOUR SENSES’ ~ Identifies the five senses and ways in which they enrich life.

*Listen to song sample (Track 9)

‘FOUR SEASONS’ ~ Helps children to understand cycles in our world and to appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature.

*Listen to song sample (Track 10)

‘FAMILY TREE’ ~ Helps children to appreciate family and highlights roles and responsibilities of family members.

*Listen to song sample (Track 11)

‘LIVING THINGS’ ~ Explains differences between living and non-living things.

*Listen to song sample (Track 12)

‘ONE WORLD’ ~ Identifies cultural similarities and differences e.g. food, clothing, shelter, customs, language, leisure and music.

*Listen to song sample (Track 13)

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NB: Our curriculum-aligned songs support and integrate classroom learning, and are perfect for:
• Motivating and engaging students
• Introducing new units of work
• Kick starting discussion
• Summarising & reinforcing learning content
• Aiding recall of important information
• Extending literacy
• Promoting positive behaviours

• Assembly & performance pieces...

**A REVIEW: 'In terms of application to the classroom, and usability by teachers they rate a tick in every box.'
~ Brendan Hitchens, Teacher, Music In Action: A Magazine for Educators



‘A must have CD!
The delightful songs not only teach and reinforce values, but also promote learning of curriculum content. My students and I love singing along to the catchy tunes!’
~ Jenny Morris, Classroom Teacher


‘Hi Nuala and Kathryn

‘…You are a great team and I could listen to you all day!

I know your educational, child-friendly songs will assist many teachers, enhancing classroom teaching and learning.

The Outcomes and Suggestions in the accompanying Resource Books will make it so much easier for teachers to pinpoint the most suitable songs, and help them to 'think outside the square' when preparing their lessons.

May the teachers and pupils be inspired through and by your efforts.

Congratulations girls, work well done!!

~ Ricki Hayes Classroom Teacher & workshop participant


‘This is a very good resource and the lyrics are excellent. After learning the song, I had my students highlight the important facts and they really seemed to understand the information quicker and retained the information.’
~ Teresa T., Teacher


Wow, I love your work! I’ve been singing away. It is really wonderful, well done!’
~ Shauna K., Teacher


‘Our first graders were doing a program about workers in the community and I was asked to find them a song to sing. After searching through our music books and Music K-8, I came across this, and it saved my life! I have weak piano skills, but was able to learn this easily so that I could accompany the kids for the program.’
~ Alyson C., Teacher


‘An excellent resource!

It highlights the key principles of values education, while providing clear links to other key learning areas!

Busy teachers will find the clear and comprehensive notes extremely valuable, while the suggestions for assembly items and performance pieces will be especially appealing. Students will love these original songs!’
~ Kathy Gee, Primary School Principal


‘…The teacher says the kids absolutely love the songs and she is so impressed that the songs actually teach them something without their actually realising it (a novel concept in Tanzania!)!

They are learning a song for assembly in front of the whole school!

Miss Martha, Miss Grace and all the kids told me to tell you to say ‘THANK YOU!’
~ Kim Saville, Deputy Director, The School of St Jude, Tanzania


“I find the Lyrics excellent from a Literacy aspect and incorporate them into my library lessons whenever I can.

It is so much fun and the children love it! They used to ask why we were singing in library. I explained to them that we’re reading POETRY, and can learn a great deal from studying the lyrics.

This has proven to be true. Their reading has greatly improved and they just love singing along with the songs. Most importantly, I love it so this in turn enthuses them!!’

~ Cherie Wilkinson Teacher/Librarian


‘A much needed values resource for classroom, music and drama teachers.

Good rhythmic, catchy music with a variety of styles makes this an appealing resource to complement the Primary curriculum. I will certainly add this to my collection!’

~ Jean Berry, Music Teacher/Coordinator


“At last! A Resource Teacher’s dream!

This motivational resource links together a number of KLA’s …Through a combination of music, movement and role-playing, the subtle messages of these catchy songs will have a very strong and lasting impact. After 25 years as a teacher, I see the enormous advantage of this resource!’

~ Helen Rosenkranz, Teacher/Librarian, Drama Teacher


‘Hello-just wanted to share with you -how much the pre-school kids are loving your music ~ and me too, of course. I am practically programming around your CD - manners, school rules, etc. xxxx’
~ Vanessa Weir, Teacher


'Your Sing To Learn CD is tailor made for us, with three ASD children between the ages of 5 - 9, to reinforce the Values, Social Skills and Curriculum that we are trying to teach. The catchy tunes, simple phrasing and repetition allows us, as parents, to present the same information over and over again, via CD, in an engaging, consistent and non threatening manner.'

~ Helen Wise, Parent


‘I just wanted to let you know that I now have to bribe Mr 2 to get into his car seat.

Guess what the bribe is… ‘Put A Smile on Your Dial!’ Hilarious!

Miss 5 and I sing along to your CD at the tops of our voices, all the way to school - and home again - EVERY day! So thanks, I think?! If you ever need a fill in, I know every word J
~ Samara McCarthy, Parent


‘The Assembly and Performance Pieces are creative and easy to follow. They not only provide entertainment, but are an invaluable way of

reinforcing learning content!’

~ Carmel Sekulich, Classroom Teacher

Keystone Creations ~ Educational Songs
'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®

COPYRIGHT: ©Lyrics: Nuala OHanlon / Music: Kathryn Radloff: KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs. All rights reserved. This song and accompanying package are for the use of the purchaser/purchasing school only. Neither this work nor any part of it may be reproduced, distributed, performed or displayed in any medium, including electronic or digital (except within purchasing school), without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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