Downloading Assistance

So you have purchased your resources but can't see how to download your item?

We have an easy 3 Step process for online accounts.

1. SIGN IN to your account.

2. Click on the MY ACCOUNT button and select Downloads and click on the link.

3. Check your Orders by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT and select Orders. Select the order and check the status is 'processed'. If not, please contact our Support Team to have this fixed.

If you did not sign up, you will receive an email receipt and download link to your inbox within 5-15 minutes. If you don't, then please contact us via Support to have your email resent. We can also add your order to an account if you decide to open one after purchasing!


DOWNLOADED YOUR FILE BUT.... it says ERROR message...

This is to do with your unzipping software set up on your computer. Go to your file in your 'downloads' folder and right click once when your mouse / curser is over the file. Select 'extract files' or 'unzip'. If this fails. Move your file to a new locations (so drag and drop it to a different folder, perhaps 'pictures', desktop, etc..) and try the last steps again to unzip.Here is an article to help you with accessing your file due to error message with Windows.

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