FAQs for Sellers

We have a list of Questions below that we have been asked over the past 18 months from sellers and have listed them below to help resolve any issues or questions you have for DBT.

We also have a list of Video Tutorials on Youtube set up to guide you step by step through different areas or processes on DBT.

How Do I Log In?

You log in via MY ACCOUNT button on the right hand side, just like you would like into your buyers account. Once you are in, click on MY account again and you will see a "Go To Vendor Panel" as an option under Wish List. Click on that and you will be taken to your seller's dashboard area. For Video Tutorial about your dashboard, visit our Tutorial Page for Sellers here.

If I register as a seller on the Basic Package, can I upgrade to Executive later ?

Yes you can upgrade at anytime through your seller dashboard, under the tab "VENDORS" then click on the first option "vendor" then select your name. Click the tab "PLANS" and select your new plan. Your account will automatically apply the $50 fee to your account online and you start receiving 82% commissions instantly. Please contact Support if this fails to happen. This $50 fee is taken out of your commissions instead of being payable directly by you.

How Can I Pay for My Membership Upfront?

For Executive Members, you can pay here: https://designedbyteachers.com.au/executive-member...

For Foundational Members (approved and joined prior to July 2015), you can pay here: https://designedbyteachers.com.au/foundational-mem...

Can I start a sellers account for FREE ?

Yes, our Basic Package is free to join and you make 62% commissions on your products you sell for a price. When you decide you would like to earn 82%commissions on your products, simply upgrade your membership when you want. You a have a 30 day money back guarantee if you change your mind (all commissions during that period will have to be reduced back to the lower rate).

How do I get paid ?

We use PayPal to pass on commissions to sellers. These are paid directly to your account using the email address you provide in your ‘profile’ so make sure your information is correct and up to date. We are also setting up a 'withdrawal' system where Sellers can remove funds from their earnings when they want (this will be starting sometime in February 2017 and you can track your earnings in your account until then). You can also use these funds for purchasing marketing and advertising on the site.

Is there a limit to how many resources I can sell ?

No, you can share / sell 1 product or as many as you like. It's up to each individual.

How Do I Get Assistance with Setting Up My Store ?

We have a full support team ready to help, as well as a Facebook Group for sellers + here is a step by step video on YouTube for setting up your store.

How do I upload an image or file ?

When you joined you would have received an email that asked you to complete 4-5 steps which included signing up to emails and our Facebook Support Group. We encourage you to find this email and sign up so you can receive all the workshop emails and tutorials that will guide you step by step with setting up your store! Here is a link to our Youtube video to assist you with adding or editing a new resource

How do I upgrade my membership from Professional to Executive ?

In your "My Account" there is an 'Vendor Dashboard'. Click on this and then select the tab "vendors" and then select "vendors" again. Click on your store name and find the option "Plan". There are options there and you can select the one you want at anytime and if you select the paid plan, your fee is debited to your account automatically.

Can I put my resources up for FREE ?

Sellers set the prices of resources, and we state that each seller is to upload at least one free resource at all times. If you choose to upload all your resources for free, that’s fine with us. If you set it up with a Professional Membership, then it will cost you nothing as well. It’s a great way to share resources. It’s up to each individual. Each Teacher spends up to $2000 on average on classroom resources each year, so we think (being Teachers ourselves) that considering we spent a lot of time designing our own resources, putting them online for a reasonable price, enables Teachers to invest directly in each other.

Do you need a PayPal account to start selling ?

Yes you need an active PayPal account to register as a seller, so that you can start selling your products. It takes 5 minutes or less to setup a Paypal account, all you need in an email address and you can set it up here @PayPal.

Where can I get some help ?

We have a support area, where you simply enter your question / request / inquiry and you are given a ticket or receipt. We will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours if possible. You can also view the FAQ’s or sellers can join our Facebook Closed Group and ask other sellers for assistance in our DBT community. There are also video tutorials being updated to show you how to complete different tasks to make using our site easy and enjoyable.

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