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Hi Teachers and Parents,

My name is Veronica. I am a casual teacher in Northern NSW with 10+ years experience. I started creating resources for teachers because my son is severely intellectually disabled and this is my way of creating a business that can be planned around his day, his appointments and unique needs. Even casual teaching for me is very tricky to fit in. He is the hardest part of my life as well as the best part - beautiful and demanding.

TeachEzy's goal is to free up your valuable time...I want to ease your workload and provide useful resources for the classroom. I know how important work/life balance is as I work on my own every single day and understand with teaching how much work is done after hours at home. I want to reduce the after hours so you can spend more time with family and friends, which in turn will make you a better teacher. We all want a happy teacher for our children.

I have both spent many years attending Early Intervention and have a unique understanding of life in the "hectic lane". I have spent many years learning from other professionals including occupational therapists and physiotherapists, who have worked with my own sons.

I provide resources for teachers and parents from preschool to Year 6. My resources since 2014 mostly include my own clipart so you won't see the same images everywhere. It is part of my work that I truly love - the creative side. My clipart library grows on a daily basis so my resources are uniquely stamped with my own artwork. I love what O do and get excited about each project I plan. Your support for our work is very much appreciated.

I can be contacted at anytime to help you out.

Kind Regards,



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