‘THE CITIZEN SHIP’ ~ Curriculum Song & Lesson Materials

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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs:   Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas. *******************************************************************************                                                                                 Children Learn What...

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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs: 
Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas.
                                                                                Children Learn What They Sing™

Our original, curriculum-based songs not only motivate and engage students, they support classroom learning, making them a perfect medium for:

• Introducing new units of work

• Kick starting discussion

• Summarising & reinforcing content

• Aiding recall of important information

• Extending literacy

• Assembly & performance pieces…


 ‘THE CITIZEN SHIP’ (Middle & Upper Primary) is a curriculum-based song that helps students to understand basic tenets of active citizenship, including: *Kindness *Teamwork *Respect *Co-operation *Friendship…

This song-based package download contains materials that integrate learning across key areas of school curriculum.


•   Mp3 Vocal Track 

•   PDF Lyrics   

•   PDF Learning & Values Outcomes; Suggested Activities; Assembly & Performance Piece    



All aboard, life is an adventure.
All aboard, share the journey every day.
All aboard, we are here to help each other,
As we travel on our way.

Verse 3

In this boat of life, we all must work together,

We’ll receive, but we must be prepared to give.

Just remember true success in life is measured

By the good we do and how we choose to live.

©Lyrics: Nuala O'Hanlon, B.Ed; Cert Teaching
Music: Kathryn Radloff, B.A. (Hons) Psych 

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