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Visual literacy is important to students' ability to understand and delve more deeply into texts they read. This uses a comical Ron Leishman cartoon, that I've titled "PACKING," that I think will help students make connections to their memories and personal experiences to aid comprehension.

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This literacy centre activity uses Visual Text as input or stimulus. PACKING plus 20 Task Cards delving deeply into comprehension skills; Visualisation, Prior Knowledge, Generalisation, Cause and effect, Fact and Opinion, Sequencing, Questioning, Predicting, Comparing and Contrasting and Drawing Conclusions.
You'll find that students' skills comprehension improve with this opportunity to think about the image. These thinking skills carry over into written texts and improve students' ability to discuss their ideas, possibilities and opinions.
The image makes a great focal point for a wall display, surround by student's task work.
1. The last 8 Task Cards make great notebook/workbook activities.
2. They serve as idea starters for class or small group discussions.
3. Laminate a set to use as an activity in a literacy center.
4. Use them as assessment and/or homework tasks.

5. Use them as a Centre Activity

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