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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs: Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas. *******************************************************************************                                                                            Children Learn What They...

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Welcome to KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs:
Integrating learning across key curriculum subject areas.

                                                                           Children Learn What They Sing™
‘WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?’ is a curriculum-based song for lower primary that uses humour to help students to make the connection between people’s needs for everyday products and those who meet them.

Students love hearing and identifying the various animal sounds throughout the song as It helps them to understand the origins of certain basic foods, (dairy products, fruit & vegetables, bread, eggs, treats…), prior to being sold in shops. *View student assembly video.

This song-based package download contains materials that integrate learning across key areas of school curriculum.


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Everything we eat each day,
Has a story to tell,
Before it ends up in a shop,
For somebody to sell!

Verse 1

Does milk come from a garden tap?

Please tell us, tell us now!

Don’t be silly, don’t you know,

That milk comes from a cow!

Does butter grow in plastic tubs,

Along with all the cheese?

Don’t be silly, don’t you know,

The cow produces these!


Where does it come from,
All the food we like to eat;
The things that keep us healthy
And the ones we save for treats?
Where do they come from,
Are they made or do they grow?
Please can you tell us,

'Cause we’d really like to know!

©Lyrics: Nuala O'Hanlon, B.Ed; Cert Teaching
Music: Kathryn Radloff, B.A. (Hons) Psych.

* Pinterest Board: 'Where Does It Come From?' (Free lesson plans, posters, etc.)

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