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A BUNDLE! Let the images on these Writing Task Cards stimulate ideas and excitement during writing activity sessions.

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120 Writing Prompt Cards to stimulate ideas, memories and imagination. These are individual, illustrated Task Cards to use in your Writing Centre. A Writing Program to print, laminate, and READY to GO!
Each card has a choice of at least two writing tasks. I've varied the genre to include; narratives, lists, posts, newspaper articles, persuasive etc

Because students don't share the same experiences, backgrounds, values etc some of them find it difficult to come up with ideas for writing. Then the lack of ideas stresses them, and the situation spirals.
Using pictures as stimulation is supportive and non-threatening.

I think these tasks will get the creative juices flowing.
I've tried to choose images to trigger prior knowledge and memories, while others will stimulate imagination and fantasy.
I've included an Australian spelling version on A4 paper. Just print the version you want.

There are recording Sheets to track progress.

This is a bundle, which includes SETS 1, 2, 3 and 4; a total of 120 Task Cards.

These sets are available as individual items too.

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Writing Prompts BUNDLE 4 sets
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