Jo and I presented the recent updates to our Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging Being and Becoming, at a staff training on Saturday, July 1. The new version introduces three key areas of focus, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective, Sustainability, and Well-being. The document is now in line with the Australian Curriculum, My Time Our Place, and the National Quality Standards. The paper focuses on helping children become successful lifelong learners and informed and active citizens. It also better recognizes and celebrates diversity in children, families, and communities.

Here is the link to the video that we showed with important information about the changes.

We explored the key changes made to the Learning Outcomes and Principles and practices during our session. The staff crafted a series of questions based on my observations from two trainings that I attended with Gowrie SA and Semann & Slattery – key leaders in Early Childhood Profession training.

The air was buzzing as the staff answered the questions in teams and then in three-person groups. During the sharing time, staff reflected on what they already did to achieve these outcomes and how we might improve.

We reviewed and updated our existing documentation, incorporating key points as an example.


We must have a comprehensive educational program, and we must track the children’s development and learning to plan.

Documentation is a creative medium that we can use to satisfy our expectations.

Focus on deep learning of children rather than surface level.

Quality versus quantity

Instead of focusing on the “wow” moments, look for the micro-moments.

It is important to live in the moment WITH your children, not to document everything.

Children and their families can benefit from the knowledge.

Crispy made a delicious breakfast, and the massage was a great way to start the day. It was an amazing session, and I’m so proud of my team for their hard work and dedication during their well-deserved time off.

We set our staff the challenge of presenting their new knowledge to the community through Facebook posts, which will also be emailed to our families. So keep your eyes peeled for future information.

Please get in touch with me or any member of my staff if you have questions.

You can read more about the new Framework by clicking on the provided link.

Early Childhood Pedagogy (page 12 and 13)

The Principles page 14.

The Practices page 20

The EYLF Planning Cycle, page 27

The Learning Outcomes begins on page 30

Glossary of Terms, Page 64

References page 70

Please refer to:

Australian Government Department of Education (AGDE) (2022). The Early Years Learning Framework in Australia (V2.0): Belonging, Being, and Becoming.

Hayley Sidelik

Education Leader MIC


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