Pyjama day 2021

Australia, prepare for the most relaxing day of the entire year. National Pyjama Day allows you to wear your pajamas all day! You can host a Pyjama Day from July 23 to August 31 to raise money for the Pyjama Foundation. You can host your event in person or online. Or, you can send a link to potential donors. You can plan your event however you want. Register your event by clicking here. You will receive a kit that contains everything you need to promote, plan and organize your event. Foster children suffer from a variety of issues because they are young. The funds raised by the National Pyjama Day Campaign will provide learning skills to more than 1,000 children, educational resources, and encourage positive relationships.

Wearing your pajamas can be a great way to attract donations. You can add images to your page to encourage donations. Ask your friends to wear their pajamas and do the same. It should be flexible and fun so that everyone can participate and laugh. Use the hashtag #InMyPJs to tag The Pyjama Foundation and have your page appear in the Annual Report. There are more than 48,000 foster children in Australia. Many of these kids do not have stable, positive relationships. They also miss school due to several different reasons. 25,6% of children have difficulties at school, and 43.6% have problems with homework. Also, they need help to seek help. This campaign will help reduce these statistics.

Wear your trackie dacks, or jimmy jams to the most comfortable fundraising event. You can also wear snuggies, one-pieces, and Ugg boots.


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